Hey! How is it going out there?

I am Jon Pittaluga Co-Founder & CEO of Teamhood and this eleven of the 11th is a very exciting day for me. After a massive effort where we pushed 24/7 we are finally releasing our public beta along with a brand new website; to top it all off we are also introducing Teamhood’s blog.

This blog aims to keep you up to date about everything relating to Teamhood. Along with this we will be sharing articles, posts & thoughts that are of interest to the video & creative community. But we hope that this becomes more than just a one way street. We aim for an open interactive channel and your input will be crucial in our blog becoming a lively forum of discussion within our community.

You are already well aware that your input and feedback has been instrumental in Teamhood’s creation and current design. We urge you to do the same for this blog; in this community you make it happen!

And now let’s turn to Teamhood:

But… what is this Teamhood anyway? A tool that aims to be the simplest way to share, review and approve your video and creative projects.

And… what does it do? Teamhood enables video and creative pros to simplify the way they share, review and approve media files.

So… why are we here? Because we could not take the pain in the review and feedback process any longer. All those misunderstandings, all that confusion, all that time being wasted- aargh!! We want to end this once and for all. The creative community’s time is too valuable for today’s society.

Who do we focus on? Well, everyone who works with video and media assets and needs to collaborate effectively. This spans the whole gamut of organisations from video production companies to creative studios, from marketing to advertising agencies, from film schools to corporate video-makers.

Who are we? We are a team of five which includes the two founders Jon and Miguel who act as CEO and CTO respectively. Two product development pros work alongside us as well as our marketing and customer success man.

We are now in the open beta phase busy working to improve the product and at the same time reaching out across the globe for users.

Please keep an eye on this site for further news and content. In the next blog I’ll be sharing some knowledge about our product along with it’s many cool features.

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