Getting Started

How do I get going with Teamhood?

Simply create an account and this will sign you up for a 14-day trial on our PRO plan.

At the end of the trial period you choose which one of our four plans best suits your needs.

Do I have to install anything?

Our Web App is ready when you are. Just open it on your browser and you are ready to go.

You can install our Destkop App for MacOS to boost uploads and downloads..

What web browsers are supported?

Teamhood is compatible with all major web browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

We recommend the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. Creating audio notes with Safari is not possible at the moment.

How secure is Teamhood?

Teamhood is as secure as your bank; we follow the same security protocols.

Files and communications are all encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) using the safest standard (AES256). This means that HTTPS encrypts and decrypts user page requests as well as the pages that are returned by the Web server.

All payments are through Stripe; the credit card data entered into our payment form is never sent to our server. It is sent directly to Stripe.

Can I remove file access rights?

The User who owns the file (and has uploaded it) may remove other Participants at anytime. Participants are informed when this happens.

Can I control who gives feedback?

Certainly. When you invite someone to collaborate you decide their Role and set their level of interaction. See Users/ Invitees & Roles to know more.

How do I invite someone to collaborate?

Click on Invite at the top right corner and then add their email address.

Can the original video file be downloaded later on?

Yes. A tab at the top enables you to download the original video to your desktop directly.

Please note that for now all participants are able to download.

How can I export the notes and chats from a video?

You can export in PDF format. The PDF file will include all the notes and comments made on the relevant file.

Please note that if there are changes in the notes or chats the PDF file will include just the changes that prevail at the time of export.

I'm not able to delete a note

Only the user who created a note is able to delete it.

In case this user is removed from the participants list, the owner is able to delete instead.

Users and Invitees

Differences between Users & Invitees

A User is someone who has registered with us and has either joined one of our plans or is within the Trial Period.

An Invitee is someone who has been invited by a User to collaborate over uploaded content without registration.

An Invitee can also be a User if he has registered with us.

What can Users do in the platform?

Users can upload content to Teamhood and invite others to share, review and collaborate. They only need to Log in.

What they can do depends on the Plan they have joined or the Role they have within a specific file.

What can Invitees do?

They can access the platform through the email links that Users have sent them.

What they can do depends on the Roles and permissions they have on a specific file as set by the Users who invited them.

They cannot upload content unless they register and become Users.

Do Invitees need to register?

No. Invitees do not need to register or create an account. They just need to click on the invitation email link sent by the User.

If they want to become Users they only need to register.


What are Roles in Teamhood?

Roles determine the level of permission that participants (both Users and Invitees) have in relation to a specific file.

What kind of roles are there?

There are four types of roles: Owner / Manager / Reviewer / Viewer.

Who is an Owner?

The User who uploads a file is called the Owner. The Owner has the ability to define the roles of other participants.

Only registered Users can have this role.

Who is a Manager?

A Manager is that User or Invitee who is able to add participants and create new notes.

Who is a Reviewer?

A Reviewer is a User or Invitee who is able to create new notes.

Who is a Viewer?

This role allows only the viewing of files and notes made by other participants.

How do I change a role?

If you click on the Invite Participant icon you will see a list of invited Users. From the drop down menu you can select the role you wish to assign. This is only possible if you are an Owner or a Manager.

Plans and pricing

What happens after the trial period?

There are both Free and paid plans. The paid plans are Pro, Custom and there’s also a Student plan. Check out our pricing page for details about them.

What are the costs?

Pricing depends on the account type. Check out our pricing page for details and consider which is the option that better suits your needs.

How long will Teamhood remain free?

We have a Free plan available for now. However this one has some restrictions that you can check at the pricing page.

Consider that offering a Free plan has some costs for our company. If you’re making money with Teamhood we encourage you to have a paid plan so we can continue improving our product.

What does the message 'Plus Applicable Taxes' mean?

It means that the price is pre-tax and any taxes, such as VAT (Value Added Tax, applicable only in Europe), may be added on.

Am I elegible for an Student Account?

“If you are currently enroled in a university or school, you are eligible for the studnt account. All you need to do is select the plan and send us a proof of admission to your school/university. You don’t need to wait for our approval, you can start working with the student account on the very moment and we give you a months time to submit the proof for our verification.

Consider that Student plans only pay for a part of the costs related to those accounts. If you’re making money with Teamhood we encourage you to have a Pro plan so we can continue improving our product. “

What is a Custom account?

Custom plans are designed to solve all your needs. From extended features, telephone support, trainning to white labeling… this plan is the most flexible and powerful option.

Contact us for more information.

What´s the 48 hours limit?

In case of the free plan, you will have a limit of 48 hours to store and work on your content over the cloud. Once this time has passed, you will no longer have the access to it. We will delete the content from our database after 7 days post the expiration.

Can I have access to the expired file?

After the 48 hours limit, you will have no access to the content. However, if you upgrade to one of our paid plans within the 7 days, which is the period before deletion from our database, you can regain the access and enjoy no limits on the time with your paid accounts.

Will the invitees have access to the expried content?

Yes. The invitees will have access to the content until it is deleted from our database ie until 7 days after expiration if they hold a Student or Pro account. They may also access during the Pro trial period (for 14 days).

So if they do not have an account just by starting a Trial they would have that permission until the trial ends.


How do I update my personal details?

Click on My Account on the top right corner of your screen. In this section you´ll be able to change all your personal details.

How can I change my Email ID?

Go to My Account to edit your email addresss. In order to complete the process you´ll need to confirm the new address through a link sent by email.

How can I change my Email ID?

In My Account you can set a new password. You need the Current password in order to provide a new one. If you don’t have it you can Log out and click Forgot your password button in the Log in screen: